Why your sponsorship is so important:

By sponsoring a bear today, you're helping us to provide the bears with much needed...

Vet Care

The bears arrive at our sanctuaries in terrible condition. Most need surgery to remove damaged gall bladders or broken teeth. Many need long-term medication to deal with chronic illnesses or painful deformities. Our expert veterinary team can provide the bears with the medical attention they need.


The bears’ spacious grassy enclosures have trees to climb and rock pools to swim in – and plenty of room to run and wrestle with friends. Their brick and concrete dens are built to withstand boisterous bear play, and their sturdy hanging basket beds are strong enough to hold two!

Nutritious Food

The bears eat fresh fruit, vegetables, and dry dog food. To them, it’s delicious after years of eating nothing but a tasteless gruel on the farms.


All the little extras that help to stave off depression – and in some cases, aggression, among the bears – puzzle feeders, swings, balls and rubber kongs. We also provide the bears with browse (branches, grasses and leaves) and a variety of taste and smell sensations by smearing treats such as miso paste, sesame oil, peanut butter and honey around their enclosures.

Caring for these broken bears for the rest of their lives is a huge commitment. That's why we ask our bear sponsors to commit to each month. Your donation will ensure that Animals Asia can continue its vital work on all of its programmes. Long-term sponsorship also helps us save on administrative costs, meaning a greater portion of your contribution goes to where it is most needed.

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